The people I meet want images
they love of themselves, much
like you probably do. I feel the
same way. The best way I know to
do that is to work with people
I can trust who see me completely.
That's how I work with my clients.
I want you to feel happy and secure
in front of my camera - and I can
teach you to feel that way in front of
any camera.

Whether you are coming to reinvent
yourself, reconnect or revive what you
love about who you are, portraits are the perfect way to begin. 

Over 26 years of photographic experience have allowed me to photograph lots of people. Every session and client is unique. I recognize the beauty and power in every man and woman and I know how to capture and reflect it.

Sessions are customized and full-service. I am available by appointment only and I would love to work with you.

Photos courtesy Bryden Giving

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