I grew up in Dallas and love bigger cities.
My fist camera was a hand-me-down from
my father. He loved having pictures of loved 
ones around and I remember how often the 
Land Camera and the 110 would appear. 
Every birthday, every holiday and every
road trip - there they were. 

My dad took us with him on business trips
and that was the start of my obsession with
side-seat photography. My next passion
project is to publish my compendium of
images from my travels. Mostly because
I love that someone has wanted to take me with them when they've gone places to explore, to live, to experience... 

The book will be called

I love creating. I love holding on to moments that brought me some sense of being, some sense of place. There are times when I find my own portrait does this. Translating what I see in my mind into what I can see in an image is challenging: how do you make a personality visible? 

That's why my goal is to reflect you, not photograph you. 

Photos courtesy Bryden Giving

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